Want to Plant a Durian Tree

Once you recognize you’ve received a trouble when it comes to durian, the upcoming action is actually determining just how to receive an endless source of it. That is actually right– you desire to plant a durian tree of your own.

You’re inquiring on your own: What if I could have a durian plant in my garden? I could eat as high as I desire of fresh lost, organic, high quality durian. I would certainly sit under my tree all night and stand by. It would certainly be actually heaven.

I’m sorry to break it the rest of you hopefuls, yet you can’t grow a durian plant in Russia. Or probably also California. Before you start damaging ground or getting extremely costly seeds from scammers on e-bay, below are actually a couple of things you may prefer to think about.


Durian plants are native to the tropic tropics, the 23 degrees north or southern of the equator. It is actually scorching there. Definitely scorching. The ordinary temps are actually 24-30 levels C (75- 86 F), and it certainly never, ever, also in a freak year, freezes.

Durians are actually quite sensitive to the cold weather. The durian will fall its own leaves and perish if you possess a chilly snap and the temperature falls below 7 C or 45 degrees F. Durian doesn’t even grow in Malaysia’s coldest location, the Cameron Highlands, which possessed an all time, fanatic all-time low of 7.8 C (46 F).

That implies that most nations on the planet, featuring Russia, can’t grow durian. I discover that Russia is actually massive and expands until now south regarding be actually lateral with Italy and Spain, yet even in Dagestan, Russia’s most southern province, winter temperature levels normal 2.2 C (36 F). Certainly not taking place– I’m regretful.

Moisture and Precipitation

Durians do not merely like it scorching, they like it moist. The mucky, sticky sort of sweltering that wakes you up in the evening with ordeals of sinking. Durians perform best in 75-90% moisture in places that acquire 1600-4000 mm (63-157 ins) of precipitations per year.

Surprisingly, Los Angeles can be a mucky area. Due to the marine coating, L.A. humidity averages around 65%. If I’ve received your chances up, I’m sorry. Los Angeles acquires simply 16 ins of rainfall a year, concerning an one-fourth of what durian requirements. I mean you can neglect L.A.’s rules regarding watering and maintain the hose going, yet it still acquires extremely cool for durian.


Durian plants are actually large, truly major, and particularly big if you plant one coming from seed. A fully grown durian plant will certainly grow up to 150 shoes tall.

( Side details: In 2012, 2 durian trees fell on people’s homes, really killing among the occupants. The durian’s shallow root body makes it exceptionally vulnerable to higher winds. You may read about the incidences right here, and listed here, or merely a couple of weeks earlier.

Grafted trees are a good deal smaller sized, topping at around 40 feets. This is a fantastic alternative if you live somewhere importing budding product is legal or you’re ready to undergo airport safety and security along with sticks wrapped under your clothes.

As for I know, in a lot of countries it is actually currently unlawful to import living plant material without a license. Ungerminated or rarely sprouted seeds are often (but not regularly) excluded from the lifestyle plants type.

Receiving durian seeds transported to you in the mail is actually your only possibility if you can’t travel yourself or do not just like the feeling of strip. Produce room for a big, gorgeous jungle plant.


Durian trees don’t just like to receive their feets moist. Effectively, they carry out, they merely prune up faster than other plants. They do not allow flooding or constantly damp ground and are going to either sink, cultivate a set of fungus illness or end up being susceptible to earthworms and other borers.

Durian trees choose fertile, well-draining ground, if possible on slightly oblique land including a hillside.That stated, they additionally allow the flatlands shockingly properly provided that there are no floods.

Do you have what it takes?

If you’ve acquired everything durian plants need, great! You can easily begin massaging your hands together in joy, dreaming of the manies durians being up to the grass like Easter Eggs. I will definitely enjoy to deliver you seeds. (When I reside in durian areas, and given you pay the delivery expense). Whenever I possess seeds, I’ll be actually sending out a notification to individuals on our newsletter.

Otherwise, do not lose hope hope. I’m convinced that where there is actually a will certainly there is actually a means. This might indicate transferring to yet another nation. Or setting up a Tropical Greenhouse like my friend in Ohio (view how). In either case, if you wish to grow your own durian extremely good enough, you’ll think something out.

If you can entice me you have what it takes to take care of a durian plant, I’ll even deliver durian seeds to Russia. Only send me an email along with the subject line: “Seeds, fairly feel free to!”


In tropic locations, one of the most beneficial time for planting is winter from November via mid-January (and certainly not in the course of the February-May dry out season). In exotic places far coming from the celestial equator, early springtime is perhaps best but is actually likely not as well vital.

It’s advisable to go better than this, and incorporate stone dirt (which improves a plant’s health and enriches the taste of the plant’s leading food items produce) as well as other readily available natural modifications, and use standard natural plant planting techniques.

At closer spacings, thinning will certainly be essential by the opportunity the trees are 8 to 10 years old to lower plant quality and give continuing to be trees space for additional development. As grafted trees might begin birthing at grow older 4-6, planting the trees much more closely in the grove’s 1st decade is a way to boost fruit production coming from an offered item of property. T.S. suggests against this, claiming from experience that couple of farmers who plant more closely can bring on their own to cut down any 10-year outdated bearing durian plants of good quality to slim out the orchard, and a lot of commonly permit them to remain.

It’s worth don’t forgeting that durian is actually a native of equatorial rainforests, at some point growing to the higher cover, and is at house amongst a mix of various other plants and plants. As the Permaculture method suggests, other practical plants may be grown amongst durian trees at ground level and reduced amounts.

The papayas or fruits need to be planted 6 months ahead of the durians, at a space of 3 x 3 gauges [~ 10 feets] At some point the durians will cover out the bananas or papayas, which could be cut and used as compost and will certainly likewise obviously offer fruit product produce of their very own. Due to the time the durians are actually fruiting, the fruit or papaya plants ought to be gotten rid of, nonetheless, as their fruits will definitely pull excess parasite bugs to the place.

For trees that will continue to be interplanted one of the durians indefinitely, in Malaysia, rambutan is actually a desired choice, as is actually nutmeg and chile pepper plants; however certainly not mangos, mangosteen, citrus, starfruit, jackfruit, champedak, neither several others that can bring in pest insects. The Brunei Department of Ag additionally recommends one more choice of interplanting along with prompt growing nitrogen-fixing-trees (there are a wonderful many opportunities, including several species of Gliricidia, Sesbania, Leucaena, Albizia, Acacia, and others) which will give color, nutritious mulch, and soil improvement.

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