Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw

Charmingly carefree and stunning, serious macaws are actually the biggest of the miniature macaws. These birds stuff a ton of individual right into a smaller, easier-to-care-for plan. They are likewise amongst the very best talkers and also appreciate fraternizing their individual flock.

Species Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Severe macaw, chestnut-fronted macaw, Brazilian environment-friendly macaw

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara severa severa

ADULT SIZE: 15 to twenty inches, evaluating only under 1 extra pound

LIFE SPAN: Can be anticipated to live for around 30 years, some also much longer

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Source and History

The extreme macaw is native to southern Central America as well as northerly South America. It is actually specifically famous in Panama as well as Bolivia. There are additionally populations in Brazil, where the bird is actually often referred to as the Brazilian eco-friendly macaw. This types has actually been launched to Florida. It acquires the label “extreme” for its own aggressive phase of progression at teenage years.

In bush, the extreme macaw appreciates woodlands as well as environments of all kinds as long as plants are on call. They typically favor locations that undergo stream flooding. It may be testing to see them because they enjoy roosting in dental caries high up in the plants.

Ranch areas use plenty of meals for these birds. It’s not unusual to find huge, quite loud flocks scouring the industries early in the early morning. These birds could be a problem for planters.

Serious macaws commonly gather together at clay licks with an assortment of various other birds. These clay-based hillsides generally brought on by disintegration along riverbanks are actually well-liked spots for several parrots. It is actually presumed that the clay supplements their diet plan, shielding versus contaminants in their food and also supplying important minerals.


Certainly not bred in bondage as long as various other parrots, intense macaws have actually certainly not been totally domiciliated. They continue to display many of their reactions like shrieking and lunging. Having said that, when socialized as a youthful bird, they may become ideal household pets.

Friendly as well as humorous, the severe macaw’s epic personality makes it a preferred with bird fanatics. Along with enough socialization, serious macaws connect quickly along with their proprietors, answering well to training, finding out techniques, and including exceptional speech capacities.

Serious macaws are likewise interested. They enjoy video games and puzzles as well as can come to be enamored through shiny things. Maintain your jewelry out of reach; it might obtain unexpextedly harmed.

One distinct quality that appears misplaced through this friendly types is that they generally do not like a lot of touching. Quite often, they’re extra material to become near their owner or even on their shoulder, however most of the times, this parrot carries out not just like snuggling or even stroking.

Like numerous parrots, intense macaws go through a bluffing phase as they hit maturation. This phase can easily last for pair of full weeks or around 2 years. If you consider getting a younger macaw, you will definitely need to become client and also enforce its training during possible durations of lunging, nipping, nibbling, hissing, and also overall resistance to communication. Consequently, pre-adolescent macaws might certainly not be suitable for loved ones with kids.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Severe macaws are just one of the most effective talking parrots. A number of these birds may talk to surprising clarity, and also their piercing voice is fairly enjoyable to pay attention to. They may additionally build a considerable lexicon.

Their vocalizations may be exciting and terrific to feature for attendees, however this bird may become too much for some proprietors and also their next-door neighbors. It is an extremely loud bird for its size and is known to call out in the early morning, noontime, and also dusk. It is best to neglect unwanted howls rather than reprimand the bird. They’re clever birds, as well as they are going to ultimately discover ideal coming from wrong.

Intense Macaw Colors as well as Markings

Intense macaws are primarily a shimmery eco-friendly with dark, chestnut-colored spots on their temples and also under their beaks. The crown of their head possesses a patch of many-colored blue plumes, and they bear distinctive reddish mends on the edges of their wings. The rear plumes are actually blue along with reddish undersurfaces, which twinkle when they’re in trip.

This species shows the traditional bare macaw facial patch. This bird also has clear, dim feather lines circling the eyes, which is distinct among macaws.

The bird’s beak and feets are actually grey, as well as the iris of their eyes is actually a lovely yellow-gold. It is actually a monomorphic bird, indicating that the men and also ladies equal. To determine the gender, your bird will demand genetic testing or even an operative sexing procedure.

Caring for a Severe Macaw

While intense macaws are actually known to become incredibly social, all parrots call for a specific volume of instruction to make sure that the bird continues to be tamed. Ensure that you at the very least two hours to spend with your pet every day.

Without socializing and also appropriate psychological excitement, intense macaws may expand clinically depressed and bored, which may trigger detrimental behavior as well as stress-related ailment.

Intense macaws can be enjoyable pets, but they require time and focused care that certainly not everybody can easily deliver. They grow on family members opportunity due to the fact that it replicates the emotion of a group, and also, unlike a few other parrots, they don’t usually tend to become stringently one-person birds.

One more consideration just before you commit to this bird is the cost of possession. In addition to the initial design for the bird, deal with the avian veterinarian costs, premium feed, as well as the add-on prices for a cage, play stand, as well as playthings.

Also for a smaller sized macaw, this bird needs a crate sized for a huge macaw that is at minimum 5-feet high and also 3-feet broad and 2-feet long. These birds need area to extend their wings totally and also adequate space to stir the cage without barrier.

Common Health Problems

Serious macaws are actually a hardy varieties of macaw. They perform certainly not obtain unwell regularly. If they were to be actually left open to other ill birds, they are susceptible to proventricular dilation disease (macaw wasting disease) and also psittacosis (chlamydiosis or even parrot high temperature).

The key to a healthy and balanced bird is actually a well-balanced diet regimen, a regular physical exercise routine, sanitary property health conditions, undisturbed sleeping during the night, as well as day-to-day socializing with its individual group.

If the bird experiences disregarded or ignored, it might resort to unnecessary actions like plume plucking or loud screeching.

Diet and Nutrition

In bush, their diet plan features seeds, almonds, fruit products, fresh leafy issue, and also flowers. Feed your serious macaw a diverse diet regimen including high quality seed as well as pellet mix and daily offerings of new bird-safe vegetables and fruits.

Each macaw, depending on its dimension, will certainly eat regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of fruit and vegetables every day. You can supply it as soon as in the morning upon waking as well as at sundown before it turns in.

Fruits that are actually good to nourish to macaws consist of apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, fruits, berries, papayas, and mangos. Never feed rhubarb, avocado, or delicious chocolate; these foods items are actually toxic to birds.

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Serious macaws could be smaller sized macaws, however they are all muscle. In bush, a serious macaw might fly numerous hundred kilometers a day searching for food. It is necessary to give sufficient physical exercise for your pet to maintain a healthy and balanced physical body.

Animal extreme macaws ought to be actually offered a minimum of 2 to 4 hrs playtime beyond their cage daily. This out-of-cage time will certainly make it possible for the bird to extend its muscle mass as well as exercise its own wings and beak.

You must also provide your bird along with many toys. They are smart birds as well as are going to completely delight in any type of puzzles or activities you can easily provide. To maintain your bird promoted, spin its own playthings frequently, so it regularly thinks that it has a brand new plaything.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Severe Macaw

Investment an extreme macaw from a respectable dog breeder or even adopting organization. Call breeders to observe if you can devote some opportunity along with them as well as their birds.

Some online resources where you can easily locate severe macaw include:

  • Birds Now
  • Rescue the Birds
  • Birds of Paradise

Make certain that the bird you wish to take home looks out, energetic, and also exhibits all the indications of a healthy bird, like bright eyes, tidy plumes, and complete crops.

Charmingly carefree and also appealing, serious macaws are actually the largest of the little macaws. Intense macaws frequently congregate at clay-based licks along with a selection of other birds. Extreme macaws are actually a durable varieties of macaw. If they were actually to be actually revealed to various other bad birds, they are vulnerable to proventricular dilation disease (macaw squandering disease) as well as psittacosis (chlamydiosis or even parrot fever).

Serious macaws may be actually smaller macaws, yet they are all muscle.

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